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Amanda Head: Popular Teen Video Game Encourages Sex Change Surgery


The popular video game “Sims” has always blurred the lines between reality and fantasy but now the game is trying to appeal to a woke crowd.

The disturbing new features allow users as young as 13 to be able to create gender-confused avatars…Parents are rightfully concerned.

Watch Amanda explain the controversy below.

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  1. Remember parents, You are in control of what your kids watch. You do not want bthem them to watch this program or that program fine. These programs only stay on the air if your kids watch them.

  2. These woke and weirdo freaks are estimated to be 1% of the population. It’s time to relieve society of this sick and twisted, push it on everybody. You want to be a pfhagg? Do it at home….

  3. I don’t know how regular good decent hard working American Democrats of old can support a president and administration that is out to idoctrinate and sexualize our children. What he and Jill and the Teacher’s Unions are pushing under the NEA National Education Association of which Joe and Jill are members support this sickness and so does Joe and Jill, encouiraging our confused children to consider that they could actually change their sex agenda.
    As I said to my grandson “if you have a penis, YOU ARE A MALE”. If you feel through the indoctrinations at public schools that you might want to be a
    girl, then decide when you are a legal adult. “


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