Home Opinion Amanda Head: Shocking Poll Results On School Gun Violence

Amanda Head: Shocking Poll Results On School Gun Violence


The latest results from this poll may surprise you…

As Americans seek answers on the best way to keep kids safe in schools it may surprise you what is really concerning parents in 2023.

Watch Amanda explain the controversy below:

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  1. I recently saw an article that said that in an average year more children are killed during domestic ‘situations’ annually than all of the ‘mass murders’ at schools combined. I’m not tech savvy enough to find the details but based on local news reports I suspect that the info is accurate. Remember the woman that drove her car into the lake with her kids inside about 15 years or so ago. Unfortunately that is not an isolated incident.

  2. We tell children life in the womb is a choice, committing crime and burning cities is ok, defund the police, poor example from our elected politicians on and on and on, and then we wonder why they have no respect for life each other or a moral compass. Hmmmm IMO

  3. Lord knows, God knows, mainstream media continues to dye on the vine. That train started to move years ago. As for gun violence in schools, it’s an absolute disgrace, and can be addressed some what with armed security at school, enforcing very strict gun violence laws etc. The number one problem in the USA and many parts of the world is lack of focus on: God, Family, Faith, Morals and Ethics, Golden Rule etc. Period!, end of discussion. It is reported that the USA is one of, IF NOT THE MOST DRUGGED UP (LEGAL and ILLEGAL DRUGS) COUNTRY PER CAPITA ON THE PLANET!!! Combine that with so called leaders who are absolute LOSERS in Gods view and you have the “Perfect Storm” for most, if not ALL the major problems you see in the USA today. Advice: Better Get Right with God Almighty why you are still able to.


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