Home Opinion Amanda Head: Wokeness Failed In Movie Theaters- Repeatedly!

Amanda Head: Wokeness Failed In Movie Theaters- Repeatedly!


Go woke, go broke…

Watch Amanda explain the situation below:

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  1. This is GREAT news! Finally, people are getting fed up with all the WOKE bull$hit, the CRT crap, and the shoveling of HATE spread around our schools, stores, TV shows, etc.
    Teaching us that we are evil is just one more part of 0bama’s “Fundamental Transformation.”
    It’s all about getting people angry, filled with hate, and ready to push this nation into a socialist country… destroying our Constitutional REPUBLIC, which is why 0bama weaponized all the government agencies he could. When you put your country in the leadership of a man who cannot appreciate freedom & liberty for ALL, you get a Marxist guy who will destroy our country without a whimper. He actually originated the Anti-Cop movement and celebrated, honored, endorsed BLM.


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