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Retired Generals Bash West Point for Betraying Core Values, Instilling Socialism

Daniel Ramirez from Honolulu, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

ANALYSIS – Two retired generals, and a retired colonel, all three graduates of the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, have signed a statement, nominally representing the long list of West Point graduates known as the ‘Long Gray Line,’ accusing the academy of violating its core values.

And also of imposing socialist, anti-American indoctrination.

When you wonder why so many of our military commanders are involved in scandals, and accused of moral and ethical lapses, and even crimes, look no further than West Point, and the other national military academies. 

In their August 17 missive emailed to a long email list and posted on the website of the MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates, the senior officers, LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF (Ret), MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret), and Col Andrew O’Meara, US Army (Ret), argue that the academy no longer truly enforces the proud institution’s Cadet Honor Code. 

Despite West Point’s motto being “Duty, Honor, Country,” and that motto forming the basis of the Cadet Honor Code, it is now enforced less than half the time.

Rather than resulting in expulsion as in the past, the officers note that “today, the Academy’s website makes the casual web disclaimer that over 50% of convicted violators [of the honor code] are excused and allowed to graduate.”

But the rot goes far further and deeper than just letting unethical cadets graduate to form the backbone of the Army’s officer corps. These cadets are increasingly being indoctrinated in neo-Marxist socialist ideology “that runs counter to the noble principles of the Constitution.”

They add that: “The corruption of cadet instruction with socialist doctrine is further demonstrated by a pronounced bias in selecting guest speakers, who have been almost exclusively liberal.” 

[I would argue they are leftist not liberal]

“We could not identify any conservative speakers in recent years,” they noted. The officers continue:

Specifically, they argue, the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) at the Academy, or ideas derived from that theory, “severs the ties of every cadet to the defense of the Constitution, thereby nullifying the oath cadets have sworn to uphold.”

They explain that: “Critical Race Theory now replaces Duty, Honor, and Country,” at West Point.

And CRT is a cancer.

Critical Race Theory considers the founders evil, the Constitution illegitimate, and the Republic systemically racist. It abolishes the Declaration of Independence that declares all men are created equal. It brands the population as racist, privileged, and unfit to enjoy citizenship rights.

The writers add: “Officers and enlisted troops must sit through leftist indoctrination sessions that portray America as an inherently racist nation, white troops as genetically bigoted, and minority troops as hopeless, lifelong victims.”   

And the authors specifically single out Joe Biden and his team of leftists for accelerating this indoctrination and subversion at the academy, and throughout our military:

The Biden Administration seeks to divorce military service from the defense of the Constitution by replacing allegiance to the Constitution with Critical Race Theory. This prepares the military for its role in support of an overthrow of the government and the Constitutional order. By forcing the military to undergo liberal socialist indoctrination, they sever the linkage between US military service and support for the Constitution. 

To these senior retired officers, the goal is nothing less than the overthrow of our Constitutional system from within. 

Using the manufactured threat of ‘white extremism,’ as the excuse, the left is forcing Critical Race Theory indoctrination on our military to prevent any internal military opposition to the increasingly anti-constitutional actions of this, and other, far-left administrations.

Ultimately, they note: “The cumulative impact of these changes has so altered the Military Academy that USMA betrays the purpose for which it was founded in 1802 – defense of our Constitution and maintenance of individual freedom.”

And I will add – If we don’t remove this rot very quickly, our Republic is truly doomed.

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  1. I knew that West Point going into the 21st century would give up some semblance of their traditions, but this rot as described in this article is deeply troubling.
    Traditions and some culture being lost or erased is bad enough, but the erasure of these cadets loyalty to their Country and its Constitution is treasonous.
    Duty Honor Country. Three pillars of the Corps that cannot be erased.
    Read General MacArthurs final speech art West Point.

  2. You are talking about the Academy and CRT and WOKE indoctrination. For me, this crap was called
    HRT or HUMAN RELATIONS TRAINING. As a young Marine Sgt in 1966 I had the displeasure of having
    to attend 8 hours of HRT prior to our squadron of 3 hundred troops leaving for Viet Nam. it was all about teaching us all ( Whites, Blacks ,orientals ,Etc. how to get along with each other in a combat
    situation. Personally I never remember when anyone in our squadron EVER had a problem getting
    along with each other.
    at the start of my second Tour , We had HRT teaching us how to communicate with our female Marines. CRT AND WOKE are the same with different titles.There’s more to this , but you know
    the rest. We called it idiot training , OR, fixing something that isn’t broken! Just like today!
    This all should have been nipped in the bud. Then and now!!Those in the know should stop pandering to 1 percent of the population and leave us alone!! I don’t drink Bud lite, now I can’t eat
    at mc donalds, go figure!

  3. The left is doing its best to destroy this
    Country and its institutions. I hold
    Barack Obama responsible for this BS.
    The most divisive military hating man
    This Country has ever seen. Raised by
    Communist grandparents and mentored
    By Frank Thomas a well known Commie
    Himself he did nothing for African Americans
    While in office but sure pushed racial
    Division. Gave millions to Iran and sent
    Joe on AF 2 with Hunter to collect a
    Billion and more from the CCP. We can
    Thank Obama for a weaponized DOJ
    And a current President that’s clearly nuts

  4. These officers are outliers in the officer ranks. Many, probably most, of the officers I saw in the late 1960s were Democrats. I could never understand that. Our greatest enemy a the time was a Democrat who occupied the Oval Office. Every time we won a battle he would declare defeat and force a withdrawal. He refused to allow us to bomb ships bringing in Russian SAMS or trains transporting them. They could only be attacked after they were set up and operating. He deliberately allowed tens of thousands of our troops to be killed with weapons shipped in from Russia, weapons which should have been on the bottom of the sea.

  5. since they have there CRT and oo me must take a knee for the fags I dont have any RESPECT for them my self I would say GOD help us when the War starts But that might be against there rule also


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