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Senior Trump Adviser Says ‘Big Announcement’ will Proceed as Scheduled

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While questions are still swirling over which party will control Congress and if the results will impact Donald Trump’s upcoming announcement a senior adviser says Americans should “buckle up” for next Tuesday.

The adviser claimed that members of the media have “all moved in unison against Donald Trump at their own peril” after the GOP experienced less than stellar results from the midterm elections, according to NBC News.

“It’s like they want to recreate 2015-2016,” the adviser said. “Let them. We are doing it again. Buckle up.”

On Election Day eve, Trump teased a “big announcement” coming on November 15th and many people anticipate him to formally announce his third presidential campaign.

However, while a Republican red tsunami was expected to sweep the midterm elections the results thus far have been disappointing as the GOP has yet to officially win a majority in either chamber. Some conservatives have blamed Trump’s interference as a major factor behind the lackluster results and have expressed hopes he will reconsider his announcement.

Former House Speaker for the GOP, Newt Gingrich, stated on Wednesday that he believes Trump might be reconsidering his plans for 2024.

“I mean, just in my own emails today, [with] the number of people who want somebody other than Trump who have decided, literally overnight, that person is going to be DeSantis, he’s going to find it almost impossible to avoid running,” Gingrich told Just the News. “I think Trump’s got to look at the results and be troubled.”


  1. Trump feels he needs to claim the front runner position in order to be the spokesperson and primary contender for 2024. He realizes the winds are shifting and his insecurities are being seen as he makes comments about DeSantis and the media and a few of the candidates that did not do well. He was the man for the time but his personal attacks, and language, and demeanor turn too many off, and real Christians don’t see the fruit of the Spirit. We need the Spirit and above all – LOVE!

  2. DeSantis is a good guy, but I wouldn’t wish the presidency on him. Few people are as strong as Trump and able to stand up to the rot in the deep state.

  3. The best announcement for the GOP that Trump could make was that he was not going to run in 2024. With his big mouth, and the stupid things he says, cost the republicans a number of seats in congress with his wild statements. His ego won’t allow him to not run because he still thinks that he is popular with the people of this country. In reality, the hate of all things Trump run very wide and deep across this country, and all he will accomplish is for more republicans to be defeated in the 2024 election.

    • Nooooo… Fucking traitorous ass fucking RINO’S Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are the ones that fucked us prior to the midterms. Those 2 RINO ham candles cost us many House seats and 4 to 5 Senate seats. The same RINO culprits that stabbed ☆45☆ in the back for four years, they are the same fucking RINO ass clowns that fucked us.
      Not ☆45☆

  4. Worry about Trumps combat with Desantis?? Can Hurt 2024 & GOP
    Bad optics
    Remedy Trump Now
    Quit name calling Allies (save RINOs, DC Estd, media, leftists)

  5. There are things about Trump that I don’t like; I’m sure I have some things about me some people don’t like. But our country was in the best place in years while he was in office. Fortunately the GOP has several people who are presidential material but none have already succeeded at it and have the backbone to fight all the Dems and Rhinos that he was been fighting for the past 6 years. What’s incredible to me is that he’s willing to do it again. You know he will be persecuted and fought every step of the way. Our country is at a crossroads and our liberty and freedom are at risk. Trump is the man! as far as I’m concerned.
    I’m not looking for a pastor, priest or pope, but a President who has the balls to stand up to the corruption we find ourselves surrounded by.


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