Home Opinion Amanda Head: Who’s Your Pick For 2024 – Trump or DeSantis?

Amanda Head: Who’s Your Pick For 2024 – Trump or DeSantis?


As Americans continue to wait for official midterm results to trickle in Republicans are already diving themselves into two camps: Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump.

Who are you siding with?

Watch Amanda break it down below.


  1. President Trump is the one, who along with his strong team members. can put our country back on the right track. It will by no means be easy but he idls the one with the focus and they have the plans. They are who will put our people and this wonderful FIRST and they have the knowledge we must have.

  2. DeSantis was absolutely right, saying he was concentrating on the governorship and not the 2024 presidential election. I hope this Trump/DeSantis tiff blows over before doing permanent harm. Trump was the best president of my lifetime, and he was cheated of re-election in 2020, but he’s behaving like a spoiled brat now, not the statesman we’re going to need to elect in 2024.

  3. We KNOW for fact that Trump can successfully deal with endless attacks, and we KNOW he can bring this country back on track. The attacks will be just as vicious against DeSantis… but can he stand up to it? And can he get as much accomplished? MAYBE.

    I’m concerned about the affect of splitting Rep votes if both men (and others) run for Pres.

  4. Trump has shown he can lead the country ,and he is not obligated to Big Tech ,lobbyists, And other swamp figures! He has handled foreign adversaries.,brought about a great economy, low estunemployment , fixed the border and stopped crimes. He did IT. Yes De Santis is great! and we supported him twice, he will have his time in 2028. Stop splitting the GOP _ that is What oou adversaries want in order to slip in a radical. Stick with Trump and then DeSantis – 12 yrs of great leadership!

  5. all the above statements about Trump are correct…I also hopes he can get it together and show that he can be a unifier….I hope…..If the election were this week I would definitely vote for Trump.! I do like DeSantis a lot but he is young and his day will come…I wish for those men to be a ticket…It would be an awesome ticket !


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