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Ex-Trump Admin. Official Wins Race for Montana House Seat

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

The GOP is inching closer to securing a majority in the House of Representatives as former Trump Administration official Ryan Zinke declares victory in Montana’s newly created 1st Congressional District.

Zinke, the former interior secretary during the Trump administration, beat Democrat opponent Monica Tranel the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

According to The Washington Examiner:

Prior to Tuesday’s election, Zinke’s and Tranel’s campaigns both focused on affordability, though Zinke also focused on inflation and spending, while Tranel focused on growth. To combat inflation, Zinke has suggested slowing federal spending and has advocated more action to lower energy costs, according to KTVH.

“The things that are hurting are inflation — energy costs too much, fertilizer’s too much,” he said during a debate in Bozeman last month.

Ahead of the election, Tranel highlighted her four-point affordability plan, which calls for investing in the American workforce and domestic manufacturing, as well as standing up against corporate consolidation. To fix the housing situation, Tranel said during last month’s debate that she wants to expand tax credits for affordable developments and put restrictions on corporations that have been purchasing homes for investment purposes.



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