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Trump Says FBI Was After Documents That Would Exonerate Him: REPORT

Former President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with attendees at the 2022 Student Action Summit at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. [Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

A new report from The Daily Caller indicates that former President Trump believes the FBI was after documents that would exonerate him.

The report says that the FBI was seeking documents that Trump believes would exonerate him from Russian collusion claims.

We reported yesterday that the unit that conducted the raid was the same one involved in investigating the Trump-Russia hoax. [READ MORE: FBI Unit Investigating Trump has a Bias Problem]

Along with the Russia evidence Trump also believes that the FBI was looking for election-related evidence.

The FBI also collected passports from Trump which Trump claimed were stolen.

The passports were outside the scope of the warrant and the DOJ admitted that the FBI overstepped the authority granted to them in the search warrant.

The passports are reportedly being returned.

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  1. Democrats are now in charge. bus tours of illegal’s occupy New York city hotels ,see where tax payers are paying their living bills, visit democrat controlled crime cities ? watch murder rates increase right before your eyes, tour buses are bullet proof. we love New York.

    • Biden and the Democrat Congress already spent more than $40,BILLION taking care of this illegals in hotels, food, lawyers to facilitate their citizenships, monthly income and schooling for them and their children according to Texas Governor., while they abandoned our poor citizens dying on the sidewalks of our big cities like San Fran., LA, New York, erc.ec. What is wrong with this picture? And yet treasonous Americans still puts them in office?

  2. I’d fire all of them with NO pensions. These
    People Garland FBI all told AMERICANS CONSTITUTION to go to hades.
    Not setting well in my book!
    How baby are with me???
    O U R PRESIDENT TRUMP has taken the brunt of these Demarxists puppets trying to save AMERICA & AMERICANS
    Enough is enough!!!

  3. See the Gestapo, Stasi and KGB psychopaths that are running this country now. And Brandon is like Nero, sniffing kids’ hair while our cities burn. And Brandon is freely letting in the Goths, Vandals, Huns and other barbarians that would destroy the Republic. Democracy dies in darkness indeed. So does the Republic.

  4. The DOJ admits the FBI violated Trump’s rights? Hell! We all knew that from the git-go. Our 44 previous Presidents never had their residences raided for any reason, much less for such flimsy reasons that are being banded about by some insiders, political analysts, and the media. This entire fiasco was conducted solely as payback by Garland for Trump preventing him from becoming a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Biden is too spaced out to know what the hell is going on and the FBI Director, Wray, carried out the orders of the Attorney General.

    When the Republicans take back control of Congress they should immediately begin investigating this sordid affair as well as others that have taken place on Biden’s watch.

    • What the republicans need to do first is replace every department head in the government. Those placed in charge of the different departments could be on a temporary basis until he can get them before the senate for a vote. Get rid of all of Biden’s appointments, Trump didn’t do that with the ones obama had placed there, and he paid the price for that. Every chance they got they stabbed him in the back. Some of them could well be facing criminal charges for their actions over the last 4-5 years.

  5. You can pretty well rest assured that what they were looking for was something that, if passed around, would prove their own criminal acts done in order to stop Trump from messing further with the swamp state.

  6. “The passports were outside the scope of the warrant and the DOJ admitted that the FBI overstepped the authority granted to them in the search warrant.“

    Anyone in the fbi going to jail for this overstepping.

  7. Happy Warrior, you got it right. If we would all recall, they raided Rudy’s office a couple of years ago with no explanation. They didn’t find anything. At that time Rudy was saying they had an iron clad case that no court would hear. I think (and so does the Deep State, et all) that the evidence of truth exists. Why anyone thought Mara Lago would be a good repository for that information doesn’t make much since. However, it is a further indication of the level of desperation these folks have come to. I think the recent actions are another chapter in the novel of rats on a sinking ship. And the timing of the torpedo that will finish it is just a matter of timing.


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