After Dobbs Decision – Abortion Down 6% – Thousands of Unborn Lives Saved

    Washington D.C., USA - January 22, 2015; A Pro-Life woman clashes with a group of Pro-Choice demonstrators at the U.S. Supreme Court.

    OPINION – While the establishment media, partisan Democrats, and the left in general, have been raving madly about abortion rights since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision reversed Roe v. Wade, too many weak conservatives have remained quiet or avoided the issue.

    As I have written before, that is a big mistake.

    Pro-life conservatives should be celebrating the decision, and its already significant positive effects – a six percent drop in abortions.

    Rather than being cowed by the abortion-on-demand, under any circumstances, radicals – conservatives should be proud that we favor human rights, beginning with the right to be born.

    Not only that, but recent reporting shows that since the Dobbs decision on June 24 there has been a drastic decline in the number of abortions performed nationwide.

    That decline comes even as abortions increased by 12,000 in Democrat-blue states.

    According to the very pro-abortion New York Times report, “thirteen GOP red states banned or severely restricted abortion during since Dobbs, mostly in the South, and legal abortions in those states fell to close to zero, according to detailed estimates made by a consortium of academics and abortion providers.” 

    It continues, “Nine more states added major abortion restrictions, and legal abortions in those states fell by a third. In states with bans and restrictions, there were about 22,000 fewer abortions in July and August, compared with the baseline of April, before the decision.”

    That is a net decline in abortions. Life News adds:

    That 22,000 decline in the number of babies killed was more than enough to offset the increase of 12,000 abortions in blue states that advertised abortions to women in pro-life states that protect women and children.

    Texas saved the most babies from abortions, with a massive decline from April to August, when only 10 babies were killed in abortions. In Texas alone, 5,470 babies were saved thanks to Dobbs and the new state abortion ban.

    Illinois had the biggest increase in the number of babies killed as Planned Parenthood operates two abortion businesses near pro-life states in an attempt to maximize its income by selling abortions to women instead of providing them pregnancy help and support.

    Dr. Alison Norris, a professor of epidemiology at Ohio State and a co-author of the report, called the decline “a shock to the system.”

    While I’m certain Dr. Norris is unhappy, I’m very happy that we have provided a ‘shock to the system’ that has been conducting a version of wholescale mass murder for decades.

    “We are celebrating the fact that at least 10,000 babies have a chance at life,” said Kristan Hawkins, the president of the anti-abortion group Students for Life, as reported by the Times.

    “It’s a sign of course correction and of ordinary Americans finally having a say in how many lives are tragically lost to the tragedy of abortion,” she said.

    Rather than hiding, or worrying about the midterms, we should be using this opportunity to educate Americans about the horrors of abortion in the hope that more women will voluntarily avoid this drastic measure, either through prevention, adoption, or worst case, very early termination before a fetal heartbeat is detected.

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