Chris Christie Says His Presidential Campaign Rests on This State

    Maryland GovPics, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie says he will bow out of the race if he does not perform well in the first primary state of New Hampshire.

    The former New Jersey governor told The New York Times in an interview that he does not see “any circumstances” where he would leave the race before the primary, but that the state is key to his path to the nomination. 

    “If I don’t do well in New Hampshire, then I’ll leave,” he said. 

    A Times analysis of Christie’s campaign stops found more than 90 percent of his events have been held in New Hampshire since February. 

    Christie said the way to stop Trump from winning the nomination is to deny him a victory in New Hampshire. 

    “I think once Donald Trump loses in one place, that entire rotted building will crumble,” he said. 

    But he said Trump will be the GOP nominee if he wins the state, which means New Hampshire will determine the “future” of the party and the country. 


    1. The way I see it, Crispy should buy a 12pack of 4×4 cheeseburgers, and a 12pack of his favorite beer (prob, Bud Lite), all with his campaign funds, and call it a day!

      • I agree wholeheartedly with you. Is is only trying to make his big fat piece of flesh look like it might be worth something, but it is not. He is 3-time loser. He is trying to make himself look great so that he can be promoted in the New Jersey Mafia. He never was worth anything to New Jersey and is a closet liberal, leftwing, socialist communist from Jersey.

    2. I completely agree. He wants to be on cnn or the View. It’s so sad that republicans don’t coalesce each other like the Dems. They circle the wagon. Intifada him attacking Biden, his entire campaign is about stopping Mr. Trump. SAD!!!

    3. Inbred , asswipe , fat , donut eating , back stabbing , worthless RINO Chris Christie is nothing but a DISGRACE !!!! All this liberal jism swallowing nitwit does is bash President Trump and Republicans !!! Christie is bucking for a job on FAKE and TRASHY cnn or msnbc. They’ll probably offer him a years worth of free donuts !! FRUCK Christie !!!!


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