James O’Keefe Reemerges at CPAC, Hints at Next Steps

    Photo via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Recently ousted Project Veritas boss James O’Keefe resurfaced at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with the whistleblower he credited the success to the recent Pfizer sting

    Last month, O’Keefe was ousted last month by Project Veritas’ board of directors over claims of employer abuse and allegations that he wasted the nonprofit’s money on his musical theater dreams.

    “We need brave whistleblowers,” O’Keefe said while introducing Debbie Bernal. “We need people on the inside. There were people on the inside of Pfizer who helped us obtain this.”

    “Stand up,” Bernal said. “Be brave. Do something for this country or we are all doomed.”

    O’Keefe credited Bernal with setting up the undercover encounter in which Jordon Walker, who leads research and development for mRNA projects at Pfizer. The scientist allegedly revealed to a hidden camera that the company’s COVID vaccines are impacting women’s menstrual cycles and that the company uses “directed evolution” to mutate coronaviruses for the creation of more potent variants and vaccines.

    The former Project Veritas boss admitted that Bernal was hesitant about coming forward regarding her help with O’Keefe’s investigation into the major pharmaceutical company.

    O’Keefe told CPAC attendees said that in the days after he was ousted from the organization he founded in 2010, she decided to go public with him. Bernal admitted that she was “scared for her life.”

    “I was worried that I would end up in a body bag, or in a car accident,” she said. “But I realized that the spirit of fear is not from the Lord. As a believer, I knew that I couldn’t just sit there, I couldn’t just sit there and watch. People get lied to, people get gaslit, it made me angry.”

    O’Keefe has kept his next plans close to the vest, but he strongly hinted that he may set up another investigative journalism group.

    “Courage is the virtue that sustains all others, and without that you really can’t do journalism,” he said. “I’m not stopping or giving up.”


    1. Dear James:
      I have been following your career since 2015 and I have greatly admired your courage and composure. That admiration continues through the treasonous actions of your board of directors and your determination to dis-associate yourself with them and Project Veritas at your earliest opportunity. I am sure it was a painful process for you but it was a further example of your strength of character. I am most pleased that you are determined to continue your work of rooting out and exposing corruption within our society. Call your new enterprise what you will, my friend. A name merely serves as a means to find, contact and support you as you continue your wonderful work. I eagerly await the signs of your return to your noble task.

    2. The Nation needs to pray for whistle blowers they put their life on the line, everyone knows the left will kill to protect its power structure.


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