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Trump Slams Rupert Murdoch Over Recent Election Comments

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Donald Trump took a swing at Fox Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch in an early morning post on his Truth Social account on the subject of election fraud.

“How does Rupert Murdoch say there was no election fraud when 2000 Mules shows, on government tape, that there were millions of ‘stuffed ballots,’ & Elon Musk released the FBI/Twitter Files, where pollsters say that the silencing of information made a 17% difference in the Vote,” Trump asked on TRUTH Social.

“2000 Mules” is a film produced by conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza that examines claims that drop boxes were stuffed with fraudulent ballots. Fact-checkers have said that the film does not show evidence of widespread voter fraud and former Attorney General William Barr, who served under Trump, told the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot that he was “unimpressed” with the movie. 

“Then there was, of course, FBI/Facebook, another big election integrity fraud costing millions of Votes-& this doesn’t even count all of the many other ways they cheated, or the fact that they avoided State Legislatures?” Trump continued on TRUTH Social.

Trump’s jab comes as Fox fights a $1.6 billion lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems, which is arguing that the network defamed its voting tech by sharing Trump’s claims that the machines were used to fraudulently elect President Biden. 

Recently, court documents revealed that some prominent Fox News figures privately expressed concerns about Trump’s claims of election fraud during the 2020 election. (RELATED: New Court Filing Reveals Fox News Star’s Private ‘Disgust’ with Trump 2020 Election Claims)

According to the filing, which included statements made by the network’s owner, Ruper Murdoch, former Republican Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.), who sits on the board of Fox Corp., wrote to Murdoch after the Jan. 6, 2021, riot to express his concerns. (RELATED: Paul Ryan Refuses to Attend RNC if Trump Wins 2024 Nomination)

The Hill reports Ryans said he believed that “some high percentage of Americans” thought the election had been rigged against Trump “because they got a diet of information telling them the election was stolen from what they believe were credible sources.”

“Thanks Paul,” Murdoch wrote back, according to the filing. “Wake-up call for Hannity, who has been privately disgusted by Trump for weeks, but was scared to lose viewers.”

Trump isn’t the only high-profile conservative to target Murdoch recently. Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon tore into Murdoch during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

“Note to Fox News senior management: When Donald J. Trump talks, it’s newsworthy,” Bannon said during a fiery speech saying, “You’ve disrespected Donald Trump for long enough.” 

“Is there really that much going on at two in the afternoon on Fox News that you can’t cover him live,” Bannon said. “They don’t respect you, read the depositions. They have a fear, a loathing and a contempt for you.” 

“The Murdochs immediately have to start covering President Trump. No special deals, just cover the man, ask the tough questions,” Bannon said. “But we need to hear the voice of Donald J. Trump.”



    AMERICA HAS SET THE BAR FOR “Trusting the outcome of an election at the lowest point.” This must be changed immediately!!! The narrative/concept that “there aren’t ENOUGH illegal/fraudulent votes to overturn an election” is the fuel that creates voter fraud, complete with money to pay for the illegal votes!

    NOBODY knows how many “illegal votes” have been cast. To say otherwise would not be true! One illegal vote makes the outcome of the election UNTRUSTWORTHY! My moral compass says, “If we cannot trust the outcome of the election,” then that election is worthless.

    The 2020 election saw numerous irregularities, so much so that 62% of the American electorate believe that the 2020 election was rigged and do not trust the results. Coupled with censorship and the courts working overtime turning down any challenges to the 2020 election did not help either. Far too many Judges and the SCOTUS turned a blind eye to hearing the arguments and stifled ANY meaningful investigation of the 2020 election.

    Comprehensive election reform is clearly needed. We must call for a new election when fraud has been proven like there was in 2020!


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