Judge Sides With Trump Over 2020 Election Case Protective Order

    Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    On Friday, Trump’s lawyers attended a Washington, D.C. hearing before U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged election meddling.

    In court filings, prosecutors had argued for broad rules baring Trump’s lawyers from sharing “sensitive” materials with the former president, including witness testimony to the grand jury and recordings and transcripts of Trump associates who spoke to prosecutors. Trump’s attorneys argued that the government’s request was too broad and infringed on Trump’s First Amendment rights. 

    Judge Chutkan said she was not persuaded that the government has shown all information gathered in the case would fall under the protective order. She ruled that only information designated as “sensitive” should be protected.

     “The defendant has the right to free speech, but that right is not absolute,” Chutkan said at the onset of the hearing. “Without a protective order, a party could release that info to the jury pool.” 

    Federal prosecutor Thomas Windom said Friday the restrictions were necessary to prevent the “improper dissemination of materials … including to the public.” 

    “The defendant has set forth an intention to set forth any information that they deem informative,” Windom told the judge. 

    “Defense has broadcast their strategy, and that is not to try this case in this courtroom, and your honor should address that,” he said. 


    1. When is this political circus going to end? Everyone with a functional brain has to see this as Election Interference. The left wing Trump haters will never except this truth, they are blinded by the propaganda news networks.

      • Be ready and vigilant because a darker day is coming. The beginning of an impending event is what we are seeing in our crooked administration today. Democrats and socialists are being pushed into the mainstream in America, or else. Every American who rejects the Democratic Socialist Party will be affected. In 2024, this government will change into a more aggressive political system, so there will be more violence, bloodshed, and crime everywhere you live. America will face more persecution if you continue to pray in public or in church.

    2. This article is nonsense! This was not a win for Donald Trump. Yes the judge limited the ban to
      “sensitive” data, but let the D.A. decide what was considered sensitive! That is not a win but a loss. In other words typical commie BS!

    3. The Biden administration is an extension of Mafia crime families involved in political affairs much like happened in Italy, only even worse as they have the media totally under their control. Americans must do all that is necessary to subvert this blatant and corrupt administration. This will be the last election if the radical left wins again!


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