Kari Lake Wants Maricopa County Officials Imprisoned

    Kari Lake speaking with supporters at a "Stand for Freedom" rally at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Scottsdale Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. [Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

    Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is calling for extreme measures to be taken against Maricopa County election officials.

    According to The Hill, the former TV news anchor said Maricopa officials should be “locked up” as she discussed her plans to challenge Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs’ election victory in court.

    “These people are crooks, they need to be locked up,” Lake said of Maricopa County election officials, after listing off a series of largely disproven claims about election fraud.

    Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous jurisdiction that includes Phoenix, has become an epicenter for allegations of voter disenfranchisement after some Election Day vote centers experienced printer malfunctions. 

    But Lake and others in the GOP have claimed the issues effectively amounted to voter disenfranchisement, noting that Election Day ballots in the state favor Republicans.

    However, Lake said she wasn’t sure how the judge would rule on the dismissal motion, asking the crowd to pray for him.

    “We’ve seen judges dismiss cases, I don’t want you to get discouraged,” Lake told the crowd. “It could happen. We’re going to kick this right up to the Supreme Court, and I will not stop fighting.”

    Among other allegations, Lake on Sunday claimed 300,000 ballots in Maricopa County were tabulated without proper chain of custody paperwork, as she has alleged in court, calling county election officials “magicians” who made ballots randomly appear.




      However, Lake said she wasn’t sure how the judge would rule on the dismissal motion, asking the crowd to pray for him.

    2. Why do you characterize her desire to see the crooks / election fraud perpetrators put in jail where they belong. The democrats have long been the folks that have engaged in election fraud. ALL of them are criminals. But only recently, have folks realized how pervasive their crimes really are. Find them!! Try them in court!! Send them to jail!! Only then, will the American people have any faith in elections.

    3. Nothing was dis-proven the judge simply avoided the obvious by dismissing the case…it’s like the judge actually would prefer a SCOTUS decision in order to save his life from th Maricopa Criminals who would kill him

    4. The common reporting on Arizona election fraud is that when ball-less Judge ignores admitted malfeasance. That there was no fraud, which is false propaganda! When election officials admit to NOT fallowing the election laws, it is a rigged fraudulent election…. Period.

    5. Gee, there is absolutely no bias in this article, is there?

      And you have the stones to call yourselves “The Great American News”! Really?

    6. As is typical these days.
      Perhaps the Athens, GA incident in the 1940’s should be reflected on. When people have had more than enough, things happen. And, could happen today rather easily.

    7. Did you bump your head before you wrote this article. I am getting pretty tired of us watching a small State like Arizona take weeks yes weeks to count votes while large States like Florida do it in a day yes a day. What does it take for some people to know that in the weeks foul play is taking place. It is like you leaving for the beach that is 30 minutes away and all are there and you arrive a week later and tell all who ask, nothing, nothing happened all is good I just drove here like you did. Hummm some would say BS. What did you do along the way that caused a massive delay? Right. Then Hobbs wins by a laser thin margin. Oh let me guess maybe they were county the votes and generating mail in ballots to cover their shortfall? Maybe that is what took the weeks. Also when we re called Gavin Newsom in the State of California, the recall vote ended at 7 pm and by 11 pm they announced, Gavin is still Gov re call did not have enough votes. But when we have an election where he is challenged, for weeks we are counting the votes. Wake up Son your to old to be this well…. You know.

    8. The Arizona election was rigged just like 2020 was. There’s going to be a reckoning in this country. And when it happens I hope I am alive to see it.

    9. Kari Lake’s message is not unhinged. The judge who made that wrong decision concerning Kari Lake is the one who’s an unhinged Democrap who’s unhiunbged.

    10. I don’t think anything was largely proven or disproven. Just like all the cases in the 2020 election. It’s odd that every state that has problems counting their votes always ends up with a close result and always a democratic winner. Our government and the democratic party must think everyone is stupid but them. Our government and our judicial system is crooked as a snake. The FBI is a laughing stock and totally owned by democrats. The same can be said for the DOJ. The Jan 6 so called investigation is a scham and a joke and everyone knows it. I don’t even watch the news anymore because I think the whole journalism profession is not only liberal and bias but also totally untrustworthy. The democratic party with the help of the media has been caught in so many lies we should dissolve the AP. and just publish cartoons.

    11. i concur with several other readers who think this outlet has really poor journalistic integrity. Instead of just stating the facts, they hint that Kari Lake is somehow “unhinged” because she believes (and so do many others) that the election was stolen from her. What about the very real possibility that a lot of what is being argued by Lake and many others is true. There really are very few actual journalists working in either print or TV media these days. Most are just woke imposters afraid to not lean left in whatever story they’re writing.

    12. Absolutely will never read another article from this rag, nothing has been dis-proven and to say as some machines experienced malfunctions is a joke. It was wide spread and stop voters from casting their votes.

    13. That’s not tough enough. They committed election fraud in 2020, as did Ducey, Brnovich and GUESS WHO ELSE? Katie Hobbs! ALL ELECTION FRAUDS ARE TRAITORS. TREASON IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. LETS SEND A UNIVERSAL MANDATE. CHEAT IN ANY WAY, EXECUTION IS REWARD.

    14. I watched the trial from start to finish. It was especially telling as one of Hobbs witnesses was reading from a prepared document as he was testifying remotely. When Kari Lakes attorney pointed that out the witness was reading he denied it then began to read from it again. You could see his eyes point down to the right as he struggled to read again. Kari’s legal team proved that the ballots were resized to prevent them from being tabulated and that Maricopa county failed to show chain of custody on 300 thousand votes. Not only was the election rigged the trial was also rigged.

    15. Hopefully, we can regain a truthful election system in this country1 It appears that the Democrats are so overjoyed by the results of their previous stolen elections, that they are getting more and more careless in covering their tracks. Since they have made life more difficult (to say the least) for most Americans (yes, I used the “A” word1), I think their days are numbered. Witness the few Dems who have jumped ship recently (there will be more, as time goes on!) As President Trump (yes, the real President) said: “The USA will NEVER be a socialist country! We have rights GUARANTEED to be protected by our Constitution, and THESE GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS will NEVER be given up to any tinkertoy despots, which is ALL that the POWERFUL people in Washington are, when compared to the AMERICAN PEOPLE! They will find this out, to their chagrin, once they try to exercise their tyranny on the people who have been underestimated in the past by other tyrants (look them up, if you can find a legitimate history book) who were defeated, in short order, by the folks that they deemed “WEAK”
      ‘ I.m going to get off my soapbox, but you get the idea!

    16. Hobbs had “the fix” in long before Election Day! She cheated, broke the law, rigged the election, then certified her own election! How in the hell is that legal? She should be arrested for election fraud, along with Gates and Richer! They are all crooks! Kari should take this all the way to the Supreme Court! And Arizona voters should demand Hobbs resign and demand a new election, without Hobbs, Gates and Richer overseeing it!

    17. Get um Keri you will help open the doors for more voter theft. I can hardly wait for January. I want the Biden`s the Clintons and that piece of trash Obie 2 Tone behind bars. He did say demographically he would change America. Behind the scenes this monkey is still with us pushing the lefts buttons.

    18. Agree and the judges that know darn well they are criminals instead of protecting our votes he she just let it go so yes all officials including judges at the least 10 years no parole in prison not a fancy one ether, banned from ever being in any part of government state and federal, with a million dollars fine and the judges stripped of their law license for life all their benefits revoked

    19. Quote from Nikita Khrushchev:

      You Americans are so gullible. No you won’t accept Communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of liberalism until you’ll finally wake up and you find you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like over-ripe fruit into our hands. End-


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