Report: Trump Leading In Seven Swing States

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    A fresh round of polling shows former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in seven battleground states.

    The surveys tested how Biden would perform against the Republican frontrunner — whom Biden defeated in the 2020 election — and found that Trump would beat him in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

    Mediaite has more:

    Across all of the aforementioned swing states, Trump leads Biden 47%-42% according to a poll of 4,935 registered voters.

    A greater proportion of voters trusts the former president more than the incumbent on the economy (51%-33%), immigration (49%-32%), U.S.-China relations (47%-33%), the war between Russia and Ukraine (45%-34%), the war between Israel and Hamas (44%-33%), and guns (44%-35%). Biden boasts advantages over Trump on healthcare (41%-39%), entitlements (42%-40%), abortion (39%-36%), democracy (42%-39%), and climate change (42%-30%).

    The results come on the heels of a CNN survey that found that Trump beating Biden in Georgia and Michigan.

    CNN has more:

    In Georgia, a state Biden carried by a very narrow margin in 2020, registered voters say they prefer Trump (49%) over Biden (44%) for the presidency in a two-way hypothetical matchup. In Michigan, which Biden won by a wider margin, Trump has 50% support to Biden’s 40%, with 10% saying they wouldn’t support either candidate even after being asked which way they lean. In both Michigan and Georgia, the share of voters who say they wouldn’t support either candidate is at least as large as the margin between Biden and Trump.

    Overall, just 35% in Michigan and 39% in Georgia approve of Biden’s job performance, the surveys find, and majorities in both states say his policies have worsened economic conditions in the country (54% in Georgia, 56% in Michigan).


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