Trump Scores Ohio Republican Party Endorsement

    Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Ohio’s Republican Party endorsed former President Trump in his reelection bid for the White House on Friday.

    “President Trump has proven time and again that despite the unhinged and relentless attacks from the radical left, he will never give up on fighting for Ohio’s workers, business and families,”  Ohio Republican Party chair Alex M. Triantafilou said in a Trump campaign press release. “His unapologetic leadership and commitment to putting America First is exactly what we need to reverse course from the failed policies of Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown.”

    According to multiple sources, the Ohio Republican Party was the first state Republican party to endorse the former president in the election. 

    “While we appreciate all of the Republican candidates who are passionately making their case to the American people, it is clear that President Trump is the right choice in this moment,” Triantafilou continued in his statement.


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