Report: News Networks Weigh In On Hiring Expelled Congressman

    CNN Headquarters via Wikimedia Commons

    Less than a week after the House of Representatives voted to expel George Santos (R-N.y.) from the chamber and whispers are already spreading as to what the disgraced Congressman will do next.

    Santos, who is facing over 20 federal counts, has attracted attention since stepping foot in Congress triggering questions over a potential career in the media.

    It’s not uncommon for former elected officials or administration officials to join news networks after their terms have ended. However, it seems most cable news networks have plenty to say about Santos becoming a new contributor.

    Mediaite has more:

    A network source said NBC News and MSNBC “have no plans” of exploring any kind of relationship with the former congressman. A spokesperson for CNN said the network does not plan on speaking with him. A Fox News source said “we have no intention of entertaining that notion.” A NewsNation spokesperson said the network will not be hiring Santos.

    OAN, which has aired commentary critical of Santos, said through a spokesperson: “We are unaware of Mr. Santos seeking a position in media. Nor have we reached out to him.”

    Newsmax, where Santos has appeared frequently in recent weeks, did not respond to a request for comment.



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