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Democrat Announces Revenge Campaign Against MAGA Congresswoman

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Lauren Boebert is already facing a challenger in 2024’s campaign for what would be her third term in Congress.

On Tuesday, Adam Frisch, the Democrat who came within half a percentage point of unseating the conservative lawmaker, announced his 2024 campaign.

“November’s election results show us that Boebert is weak and will be defeated, which is why I have decided to launch my 2024 congressional campaign,” Frisch said in a statement.

Frisch drew widespread headlines in November for his unexpectedly close race against Boebert. According to The Hill, Frisch led the incumbent by 64 votes at one point during the race despite his lack of political experience.

“Lauren Boebert is everything that’s wrong with Congress,” he said in his announcement video, zeroing in on her vote against certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election and her stance against abortion.

“She’s part of the anger-tainment circus that’s tearing our country apart,” he said. “I’ll put Colorado first — Colorado energy, Colorado water and Colorado jobs.”

Despite Frisch’s early entrance to the race, a spokesperson for Boebert touted her legislative record

“The entire country watched as Congresswoman Lauren Boebert helped fearlessly lead the way in making historic improvements to how Congress operates,” Boebert spokesman Ben Stout said. “In just a matter of weeks since then, Congresswoman Boebert has cosponsored and helped pass 6 bills and authored 4 amendments, each one passing on the House floor with bipartisan support.”


  1. Yep, only a Democrat socialist believes the sanctity of life is unimportant and that having doubt about an election’s fairness is dangerous to the common weal.

  2. Whoever u are pal, your a pathetic idiot,who will never get elected. U dumbocraps have caused all the divide, and chaos.Do u think americans are stupid, that we can’t see what has been done to the country in 2 yrs.Total destruction. in just 2 yrs, america is now a banana republic with dementia,traitor,,joe.

  3. Because She is a strong outspoken woman who refuses to be intimidated speaking what the opposition doesn’t want to hear she is contributing to hate? No, your imperial haughty former pre-Trump president introduced the racism card & his denigration for our country😡

  4. Do ya really think that a Dem greenie is gonna put Colorado energy, water and jobs first? Hell, no. They’re all for killing coal, gas and oil, restricting water usage (so-called clean water law), all of which kill jobs. Nice try, dumbocrat Frisch, but a big fail.

  5. He’s a two faced politician like most Dems. Lists “Colorado energy” as a campaign promise, yet Sleepy Joe, his 🐑 sheeple leader wants to shut down anything other than “green energy”. He comes on as a Conservative, but he’s really a socialist hiding in Republican exterior.

  6. Who is this guy that thinks he’s Mr. right, but he’s so wrong. Lauren Boebert has done so much in such a short time, and has the courage to go the distance. She’s for the second amendment and proved that in plain sight. I pray she wins.

  7. The Democrat policies are killing the fossil fuel energy policy which Colorado depends on for its prosperity so why are you a part of this? Lauren Boebert backs getting rid of the corrupt and bogus “New Green Deal” which in truth should be called the “Big Green Weenie” as most Americans are getting screwed while the Politicians , George Soros, and The World Economic Forum” all get richer due to the corruption you Democrats spawn.

  8. I would be proud to have her as my member in Congress instead of the brain dead Dem I have now. She has been brave to speak up against lying Biden. That last race however was too close in my view. Hoping in 2024, with the Presidential election on the line, the conservatives who sat out, will show up this time. She needs a larger share of victory.
    I do not know what caused such a tight race last November. One guy who voted against her in the news said he does not like her. Well do not vote for a Socialist instead. Ignore your feelings and understand, she is the one best fit for the job.

  9. God opened the Red Sea for the Israelites who prayed for their salvation. It is CLEAR that more and more Americans are PRAYING for salvation from those possessed by evil — D.C. Elites and Global Oligarchs. KEEP PRAYING! Encourage Constitutional Conservatives to keep preaching the TRUTH. And don’t WORRY! Just Pray, Vote and Stand!

  10. God bless America and God HELP America! We most of all, above all else, need to raise a stalwart generation of youngsters who are taught American exceptionalism, what a precious institution our nation was at its founding: where human rights derive from our Creator and not from the whims of a wanton tyrant. Now installed in the highest seats of Government is seemingly a cabal of godless wannabe tyrants. And dangerously many proletarians on ‘Free Stuff’ do not seem to object.


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