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John Bolton Says AG Garland Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Trump

Marine One lifts-off after returning President Donald J. Trump to Mar-a-Lago Friday, March 29, 2019, following his visit to the 143-mile Herbert Hoover Dike near Canal Point, Fla., that surrounds Lake Okeechobee. The visit was part of an infrastructure inspection of the dike, which is part of the Kissimmee-Okeechobee Everglades system, and reduces impacts of flooding for areas of south Florida. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian) [Photo Credit: The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

The legal reasoning of the Department of Justice isn’t too outlandish according to John Bolton, the former Trump National Security Advisor told CNN.

The problem is politically Trump is going to “slaughter” Garland, according to Bolton.

The Daily Caller reports, that Bolton told CNN that Trump doesn’t care about normal procedures, and Garland having to follow normal procedures of the DOJ is leaving him vulnerable.

So vulnerable, Bolton called him a lamb.

Botlon said, “If we were in a Colosseum with two gladiators, one of them Donald Trump, the other Merrick Garland, we’d be about to witness the slaughter of the lambs. The Justice Department understandably wants to follow its normal procedures. It’s facing an adversary who couldn’t care less about the normal procedures.”

Bolton also criticized the department’s PR strategy. Saying the need to do more to explain what they are up to in investigating Trump.

So far the department is “not doing enough” to justify why they needed to search Mar-a-Lago, according to Bolton.

Another big issue is that the DOJ and FBI violated Trump’s rights but violating the search warrant. The FBI overstepped its authority abd took documents that were attorney-client privileged and not considered presidential records.

As we reported yesterday, the FBI took three of Trump’s passports wrongfully.

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  1. The plain truth is the FBI and Garland are messing with the wrong Guy. Simple.. when are these fascist going to learn can’t do those dictator tactics in America! The check and balances with be reckon at the polls! Flood the polls “in person” on ELECTION DAY! NO MAIL IN BALLOTS!!

    • Possibly the only way we can get a “REAL” election is to compare ALL votes against the Census for 2020 BUT the problem there is the courts let them get by with not having a “Citizen” or “Non-citizen” box. 2021 – 2022 is a joke. Or maybe create a “Dept. of Voting” and every state in the union must turn EVERY vote over to the Dept. That Dept. can check against the Census. Only need to check voters who are not on it.

  2. Never realized before what a lying piece of dirt Bolton is. Garland is a criminal not only for the raid on Mar A Lago. He follows procedures?? Bolton must know all about the Deep State’s criminal procedures.

  3. Garland is a sitting duck. His progressive mama’s boys in PJ’s in Mommie’s basement won’t protect him from the wicked old Trump BOOGIE-MAN. He’s gonna GETCHA!

  4. This ain’t about Garland, he is just a paid for whipping boy. He’s probably going down as a sacrifice to show that the real guilty parties were not the cause for injustice. The real thing is “corruption has gotten too deep”. Trump challenged that and that is what this is all about, and has been all along. I’m still a believer that God will correct this mess, with or without Trump. I just don’t know how bad things have to get before it happens.

  5. “Normal procedures??” Bolton is full of it. Trump doesn’t like to follow “normal procedures”, BUT< he doesn't break the law. Garland doesn't care about either.

    • Their “normal procedures” are at total odds to the rule of law and the constitution. They hate and fear Trump because he is the face of those putting an end to the corruption and crimes against humanity these people have carried out with impunity for decades. When Trump says publicly that “We caught them all” and “We have everything” he is not just spouting off, he means it, and they know it.


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