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Democrat Congresswoman and Senate Candidate Signs Nondisclosure Agreement with Chinese Company


A Michigan Democrat congresswoman, now running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, is refusing to explain why she signed a non-disclosure agreement with a Communist Chinese “green energy” company.

Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin has refused to answer questions from the media as to why she signed a hush agreement with the Chinese corporation Gotion to hold closed-door meetings about a proposed electric vehicle battery plant the company is building in Big Rapids.

The plant is not located in her district, and it would appear there would be no sensitive information or corporate trade secrets that could be gleaned from a public tour, drawing speculation from some as to why she was there and what was discussed.

“When it was time for a Michigan voice to speak on the national security threats from the CCP emanating from companies based in the PRC and protect the State of Michigan, Congresswoman Slotkin, and her staff needed to ask for an NDA, never took a position, and said nothing,” former Michigan congressman and U.S. Ambassador Peter Hoekstra tells Fox News Digital.

Fox News reports Hoekstra and fellow former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Cella have raised the alarm on Gotion’s proposed facility and similar projects involving other Communist Chinese companies across Michigan and the United States.

“Congresswoman Slotkin is a former CIA analyst and Defense Department official who knows that state and local officials were warned by our intelligence agencies not to sign deals with PRC-based companies with ties to the CCP,” Cella tells Fox News.

Fox News reports that according to its parent company’s corporate bylaws, Gotion is required to “carry out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.”

The pair are asking the Justice Department to investigate whether Gotion is engaging in illegal foreign lobbying of U.S. officials.  Under federal law, anyone lobbying a member of Congress on behalf of a foreign government or company must register with the Justice Department as a foreign agent.  It does not appear Gotion has filed such a registration.

Despite the jobs it brings to an economically-stressed area, many local residents oppose the plant, citing the company’s demand officials sign non-disclosure agreements to meet with what is essentially a Communist Chinese government agent.

“The township’s concerns have all been surrounded by the lack of information given to them to make an educated decision surrounded by NDAs signed by multiple different organizations including the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and our local economic development corporation and The Right Place which is working for Gotion to bring it here,” Penny Currie, the treasurer of Big Rapids Charter Township, tells Fox News.

“That is one of our main concerns and is why we haven’t been able to move forward with a decision of any kind,” she says.

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  1. This not surprising. 70+ democrats in Congress are members of the Communist Party USA and another 20 are members of Humpty Dumpty Institute. A organization run by the CCP. What is more disturbing is the conservative media completely ignores this . We have a one source media there is no conservative or liberal, they are now the same

  2. That has to be a criminal act. What if they hear something that would damage the United States, perhaps even kill millions of Americans? Would they be obliged to keep that a secret? What if Fauci or some other NIH official heard about the Covid-19 virus, and decided that their non-disclosure agreement forbade them from disclosing it to the American people? Since non-disclosure agreements go both ways, are they obligated to disclose items that could damage their work with China? Something like say, an American attack on China.

    What is the difference between what they are doing and committing treason? I can guess some woke lawyers would spin up some horse manure to make it sound legal, but that won’t change the facts. Also, they are both women, and one is black. In the current administration that makes them immune from punishment no matter what they do. It still fits the dictionary definition of treason even if the country, in a pathological fit of suicidal corruption, decides to do nothing about it.


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