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Former Fox News Host Calls Tucker’s Ouster ‘Suicide’ for Network

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Former Fox News host Glenn Beck slammed the network over its shocking decision to part ways with primetime pundit Tucker Carlson.

On Monday, the network announced Carlson’s departure from the network, sharing that his final program was aired last Friday. The timing of the Fox News icon’s sudden departure comes nearly one week after the network agreed to pay a nearly $800 million settlement to Dominion Voting Systems. (RELATED: Fox News Reaches Last-Minute Settlement With Dominion Voting Systems)

The network did not provide further comment on the host’s departure beyond a statement thanking him for his contributions to the network.

Beck criticized the network over the controversial announcement, saying the move was effectively “suicide” for the network.

“Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News. Now, I don’t know what that means. You know, we’re in wild speculation territory,” Beck said on his BlazeTV program, noting the timing following Fox’s nearly $800 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems last week.

“You know, could be that he was fired because of, you know, they just paid out, you know, almost a billion dollars and they don’t want any chance of anything, but that’s suicidal. To me, this is a suicidal move for Fox,” he said. “If it’s their move.”

Before the launch of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson was co-host of “FOX & Friends Weekend” from 2012 through 2016. 

Carlson previously served as an MSNBC host from 2005-2008 and also appeared on CNN earlier in his career. He founded The Daily Caller in 2010 but sold his stake in the political news website in 2020. 

Beck left his gig hosting a Fox show in 2011. He recently appeared on Carlson’s program to discuss former President Trump’s surrender to authorities in New York after an indictment by a grand jury. (RELATED: Trump Indictment Unsealed)

A number of conservative commentators have criticized the news of Carlson’s sudden ouster.

Donald Trump also noted his surprise by the sudden change at Fox News

“Well, I’m shocked. I’m surprised” Trump told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly. “He’s a very good person and a very good man, and very talented as you know. And he had very high ratings. So, we’re just learning about it almost as we speak. You and I just said, “Wow, that was something, that’s a big one.” I don’t know if it was voluntary, or was it, somebody fired? But I think Tucker’s been terrific. He’s been – especially over the last year or so – he’s been terrific to me.”



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