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DeSantis Addresses Soured Trump Relationship on Fox News

Ron DeSantis via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is finally addressing what went wrong with his once-positive relationship with former President Donald Trump.

During a Monday night appearance with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, the host asked DeSantis for his opinion on what soured between the two Florida Republicans.

“The last time I interviewed President Trump, I was there in 2018, and I always saw the two of you as friends,” Hannity opened. “And I said to him a very simple question. I asked him. I said, ‘What happened?’ And I think it’s only fair to ask you the same question. What do you think happened?”

“You know, I enjoyed supporting him when he was president,” DeSantis said, beaming in via satellite from Japan.

“We worked really hard for his reelection in Florida, and I always had a good relationship with him. And then, once the midterm election happened, he started taking shots at me!”

“I didn’t really do anything to do it except do a good job,” DeSantis added. “But that’s fine. I mean, Sean, you know, when you’re making things happen, you take incoming from a variety of targets. So that’s just the nature of the business. And I’m happy to stand strong and do what’s right.”

Recently, the former President has targeted the Florida Governor with a barrage of attacks and nicknames.

Earlier this month, a pro-Trump PAC released a new ad attacking DeSantis.

DeSantis is widely expected to enter the 2024 White House race later this spring and has performed well in numerous national hypothetical polls.


  1. Over half this country hates Trump, every time he opens his mouth he adds to those that hate him. If the GOP is dumb enough to make him their candidate for president in 2024, they will be handing the election to the democrats, regardless of who they run, even Biden. DeSantis is beginning to catch the same open mouth disease that Trump has. Many of his actions are driving voters from his camp and he may have blown his chances of being elected as president, at least for this next election in 2024.

    • Sorry Gus, but either you’re buying into the media’s POV (agenda.con game, fake news, etc.) or you’re just an anti Trump at some level. From what the media carelessly leaks out is that over half the country not only like Trump but greatly want him back as president. People like Trump, not so much his bravado but what he stands for and of his exposing the corrupt system we seem to be ‘stuck’ with. In other words, it’s his idealism’s not of his looks or private life that matters. Quite the opposite on his (our) opponents. Not only are the democrat elite corrupt, and heavily influenced by anti-Americans from abroad, but they flaunt their power over us by ruining all things good for America. Then to PROVE it to all the world, they place into our ‘ruling’ system the most corrupt , physically, judiciously and mentally handicapped ‘candidates’ possible. Making Americans the biggest joke to the rest of the world. It’s only because of the help (by doing nothing) of the corrupt republican establishment, thankfully not as many as those on the left they get away with it. The bottom line as to why Trump is at odds with DeSantis is beyond me. I hope it clears up because both men are what America needs to survive.

      • Trump for one term and the DeSantis for the next two terms. It will take 12 years at least to clean up the damage done by Biden. Trump is a master International politician and DeSantes is the perfect man to bring our local governments back to normal. It’s unfortunate the two best choices for freedom are not traveling hand in hand but I can\t help but think and hope, these two men can answer the call together. America and the rest of the world needs them now.

    • I didn’t vote for a new best friend, I voted for a businessman who loves America. If you weren’t doing better under President Trump’s Leadership then you were not working for a living or driving a car.


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