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Federal Judge Dismisses Challenge To Keep Trump Off Rhode Island Ballot

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A Rhode Island judge has thrown out a lawsuit challenging Donald Trump’s right to be on that state’s presidential ballot.

The suit was brought by John Anthony Castro, supposedly a Republican presidential candidate, who sought to disqualify Trump from holding office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Per The Washington Times:

John Castro, a long-shot presidential candidate, had filed cases arguing that Mr. Trump is prevented from running for president due to the Constitution’s insurrection clause, which essentially says anyone who led a rebellion can’t serve in federal office.

But on Monday, Chief Judge John J. McConnell Jr., an Obama appointee, dismissed Mr. Castro’s case in Rhode Island. The Supreme Court previously refused to hear a challenge from Mr. Castro out of Florida.

It’s the latest victory for Mr. Trump. Liberal advocacy groups have appealed lower court rulings in Colorado and Michigan that would keep Mr. Trump on the primary ballot next year, asserting that the Constitution’s clause on insurrection forbids him from being reelected following the 2021 Capitol attack.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a left-leaning watchdog group, filed an appeal on behalf of a group of voters with the Colorado Supreme Court, after a trial judge rejected their claim that Mr. Trump can’t be on the state’s primary ballot. The state’s Supreme Court is expected to hear the case on Dec. 6.

Responding to the news, a spokesman for the GOP front-runner celebrated the dismissal: “President Trump believes the American voters, not the courts, should decide who wins next year’s elections and we urge a swift dismissal of all such remaining bogus ballot challenges.”

This article was published with permission from American Liberty News.


  1. The globalist puppet, god worshiping, rino criminal party will probably appeal it until it is heard by a globalist puppet, god worshiping, demonrat CRIMINAL judge . . . . .


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