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Jesse Watters Discusses Freak Hiking Accident

Image via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Fox News host Jesse Watters was attacked by a dog over Thanksgiving…

On Monday, Watters told viewers he had been approached by a woman and her “big dog” during a hike in a nature preserve:

We’re on a tight part of the trail and I notice the dog’s all wet, and she’s like, “Oh, this my dog, you know, kind of wet, he just swam in the pond,” and I’m thinking, this is kind of crazy. You’re letting your dog swim in a pond, 37 degrees in a nature preserve? That’s my first clue. Second clue, woman’s kind of struggling to hold the dog on the leash.

He continued, “The dog comes by, and I’m trying to back up, just give her a little room– dog bites me. Twice. Nips my groin and takes a chunk out of my hand.”

Watters then ordered the camera to zoom in on his hand, which showed signs of a clear bite mark.

“See it? Zoom in on that. Zoom in. And I never like to show pain, I never say ouch,” he said, before adding, “I mean, thank God she bit me. She didn’t bite someone litigious like Judge Jeanine. She would have been tied up in court for a year.”

Watters then claimed, “I could tell she was a Democrat because when I pulled into the preserve in my car, there was Subaru Outback. Dead giveaway. Plus, she didn’t recognize me.” He concluded, “So that was my Thanksgiving. How was yours?”


  1. I really appreciate this as the Biden administration is only interested in keeping the democratic party in office no matter what they have to do to make that happen.

  2. The dog sensed his fear and was afraid of him…the dog protected his person…waters is obviously a novice hiker…and a Subaru is a great car…wtf?! Dog smelled his fear for sure


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