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MAGA Congresswoman Topples GOP Challenger, ‘Squad’ Democrat Defeated

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A sign of a Republican wave?

Popular MAGA firebrand Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) cruised into her congressional re-election primary campaign to victory Tuesday night.

Boebert’s win comes after switching districts to a more Republican-heavy area after a narrow win in 2022.

Boebert advanced past a six-way Republican primary in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District in a race to replace outgoing Republican Rep. Ken Buck.

Fox News shares more:

The Colorado Republican said she made the switch to CO-04 to ensure another Republican could win her old district, which she nearly lost in 2022 and had blamed outside groups for targeting her. But Boebert left the district having already become a fundraising magnet for the likely Democrat candidate, who has pulled in millions that may help him flip a district that has leaned Republican in recent years.

Boebert is expected to also win the November general election in the district. Its voters overwhelmingly backed former President Trump in 2020.

Republicans on the opposite side of the country are also celebrating a significant Tuesday win when progressive Democrat Jamaal Bowman (N.Y.) suffered a double-digit loss. New York’s Republican Party celebrated the first ouster of a “Squad” member since the progressive coalition’s inception in 2018 to Westchester County Executive George Latimer, a pro-Israel moderate Democrat. 

“Good riddance, Jamaal. Every socialist in Congress and the State Legislature should likewise be rooted out of public office,” New York GOP Chair Ed Cox said in a statement Wednesday. “Jamaal Bowman just faced the consequences of his disgraceful actions. From his childish fire alarm stunt to his blatant anti-Semitic remarks and his latest public meltdown, Bowman has repeatedly shown he is unfit for office.” 

Latimer welcomed his victory with a message of unity. 

“Tonight we turn a page, and we say that we believe in inclusion of everybody in our representation. That you are included, no matter what your demographic is. Doesn’t matter your age, the color of your skin, your religion, sexual identity, whether you’re a right hander or left hander, whether you’re a Met fan or a Yankee fan,” Latimer joked. 

“We go to Washington, we’re one of 435. But we’re not the only one. You know, good men and women in Washington who feel the same way we do, and we have to find each other and link with each other. We have to look at arguments of the far right and the far left and say you cannot destroy this country with your rhetoric and your arguments,” he said, garnering cheers from the crowd. “We have to have unity all across that continuum, and if you hold a strong belief, you still must work with other people don’t share that belief because America hangs in the balance.” 



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