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Pompeo Says Impending Trump Announcement Won’t Deter His Own 2024 Plans

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hours before Donald Trump is expected to formally announce his 2024 presidential campaign Republicans are making it clear his announcement won’t deter their own political ambitions.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been floated as an early contender to mount his own presidential bid, possibly teeing up a challenge against his old boss.

While some Republicans, like Nikki Haley, that have expressed interest in seeking the Republican nomination in 2024 have indicated their plans will ultimately rely on Trump’s decision Pompeo says that is not the case for himself.

“We’re trying to think our way though, figuring out what’s next for us,” Pompeo told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, adding, “But what happens today or tomorrow, what some other person decides won’t have any impact on that [decision].”

“We need more seriousness,” Pompeo said. “We need less noise. We need steady hands. We need leaders that are looking forward, not staring in the rearview mirror claiming victimhood.”

Trump is set to make a “special announcement” at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night.

The former president could be facing another challenge for the nomination from another administration official – former Vice President Mike Pence.

On Monday, when asked by ABC “World News Tonight” host David Muir about his 2024 plans Pence answered that he’s giving “prayerful consideration” to a 2024 presidential bid.

“We’re giving it consideration in our house. Prayerful consideration,” Pence said.

Asked whether former President Donald Trump should ever be president again, Pence said, “That’s up to the American people. But I think we’ll have better choices in the future.”

He added, “For me and my family, we’ll be reflecting about what our role is in that.”


  1. If the GOP is stupid enough to go with Trump as their candidate then they will lose big time. Whatever gains made this election cycle will be lost in the 2024 election. The hate for Trump is too wide and deep across this country, and there are not enough MAGA republicans for him to ever win. His ego will not allow him to accept that fact. There are too many good people the republicans could support so they at least would have a chance to win.

  2. With all these people supposedly backing Trump ,the Republicans will lose in 24 for sure. Hope the democrat will be a decent candidate but highly unlikely.


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