Home Opinion Amanda Head: Disney Stocks Tank Again!

Amanda Head: Disney Stocks Tank Again!



Disney has faced quite a tumultuous year after wading into politics and siding with the woke gender mob.

Watch Amanda break down the latest controversy below:


  1. I agree it is starting now. They spend everything they could to bankrupt American and promised them all the free stuff and paying off their loans! They fell for it! Grow up nothing is free. They will be bankrupt and no food or gas. Then they better be glad they have their guns. They will be replaced with immigrants that have been thru this communist administration. They will work to live in a free country. Grow up and be an adult and stop handing out your hands for free anything!

  2. Good great it is a disgusting perverted garbage hope all goes down, most sickening thing is they where for children now find over the years they put nasty garbage in their movies that know one notice except the perverted


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