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Biden’s Migrant Invasion to Make NYC’s Central Park a Homeless ‘Tent City’

Bryan Ledgard, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

ANALYSIS – Welcome to ‘Biden World’ – where much of America has quickly devolved into a third-world country. On top of the rampant crime and homelessness plaguing many Democrat-run cities, now add the disaster of adding millions of unemployed, unhoused, illegal foreigners to our city streets, thanks to Joe Biden’s immigration crisis.

Democrats and the media ignored the crisis while it mostly affected El Paso or other GOP-run border towns and states. But with the ‘political stunt’ by Republican governors to send Biden’s illegal migrants to Democrat states and cities, things are now getting real for them.

Now places like New York City are seeing the carnage from the national inundation of illegals in their hoods. Things have gotten so bad in the Big Apple, with thousands of new migrants coming each week, that NYC officials are considering housing illegal immigrants in the world-famous Central Park.

As reported by The Blaze:

…New York City Mayor Eric Adams already said that “from this moment on, it’s downhill. There is no more room,” while his office acknowledged that more than 95,000 migrants have arrived in since spring 2022.

With hotels at capacity, hundreds of migrants have been seen sleeping on city sidewalks, often on pieces of cardboard, littering the streets with trash and clothing in what look like extremely inhumane conditions.

“Everything is on the table,” Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams-Isom said Wednesday at a press conference, according to Bloomberg. The city is reportedly looking at 3,000 locations for possible housing relief.

Williams-Isom added that “the system is at a breaking point” in response to questions about housing the migrants in parks.

While NYC Dems whine about having a couple of thousand migrants arriving every week (see tweet below), Texas Senator Ted Cruz tweeted his response:

“Come to South Texas. We’d LOVE to have only 2100 per week. (At over 7m under Biden, we’re looking at over 50,000 per week….)”

While Central Park would be the most damning location for a migrant homeless camp in Manhattan,  The Gothamist reported that the city is also at Prospect Park in Brooklyn and Randalls Island, as other tent city options. The New York Daily News also reported on a plan to house migrants on soccer fields, which prompted outrage from locals whose facilities would be taken over.

But it’s not just Biden’s insane policies that are creating this crisis. Democrat-run cities exacerbate and fuel the crisis with their own insane policies.

Only two months ago, NYC enacted a “Homeless Bill of Rights” which gives anyone the right to sleep outdoors in public places, and the right to be assigned an area in a public space that corresponds to ‘one’s gender identity.’

If homeless persons, including illegal foreigners, aren’t happy, the NYC law gives them the right to complain about their emergency shelter accommodations without any repercussions.

Welcome to Biden and then Democrats’ third-world America.

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