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Is Doug Mastriano Planning a Senate Run?

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While Doug Mastriano’s November gubernatorial loss disappointed Republicans retired Army colonel-turned-state senator seems ready to strategize for the future.

A new report from POLITICO reveals Mastriano’s first steps toward a potential Senate run in 2024 and it seems clear he’s not ready to throw in the towel when it comes to pursuing higher office.

“What do you do with a movement of 2.2 million?” he told POLITICO. “We’re keeping it alive.”

“We’ve seen people in the past, other Republican gubernatorial candidates, they rise and they disappear when they lose. Why?” he asked. “You have people that love you and support you.”

Mastriano affirmed he is “praying” about whether to go forward with a potential Senate run in 2024. After God, his wife, Rebbie, will have the final word he said.

However, if Mastriano does decide to mount a Senate campaign the Republican would run in a primary for the right to take on Democrat Sen. Bob Casey. Which is likely to be a considerable challenge due in part to Sen. Casey’s familial history in the Keystone State.

POLITICO noted that “no one in the Pennsylvania GOP establishment is eager for that matchup. “

Casey’s father, former Gov. Robert Casey Sr., signed abortion regulations into law that went all the way to a landmark Supreme Court case, where they were largely kept intact. Mastriano even noted that Casey Sr. was “more pro-life than most Republicans” before insisting Sen. Casey is incapable of living up to his father’s legacy.

“I think he’s a huge disappointment. He’s nothing like his dad,” he said.

Still, all signs point to the fact Mastriano is taking steps to position himself for a possible run. He’s planning an upcoming rally in central Pennsylvania, which will feature Trump lawyer Christina Bobb and conservative media personality Wendy Bell as speakers. Mastriano also led a hearing on the East Palestine train derailment over the border from the incident in western Pennsylvania, and he successfully pushed a committee he chairs to subpoena Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw to testify.

He also hired Dan Cox, the unsuccessful Maryland gubernatorial nominee, as his chief-of-staff which has fueled speculation he might want to run for higher office again. He seemed to confirm the link during the interview.

“Hmm,” he said, laughing. “Gute erkennung. As the Germans say, ‘Good deduction.’”


  1. He took the pledge to protect this country from enemies within and abroad and he will certainly do a much better job than any democrat currently and in the future of this Congress. When you have over 70+ democrats in Congress are members of the Communist Party USA (their website) and a number are members of the Humpty Dumpty Institute run by the CCP. then this country had its hands full of people trying to sabotage this country.


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