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MAGA Congresswomen Clash Over Biden Impeachment Move

Marjorie Taylor Greene -Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, via Wikimedia Commons

Tensions between MAGA Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Lauren Boebert (Colo.) have reached a fever pitch.

Greene called Boebert a “little bitch” amid GOP frustration at the Colorado Republican’s move to try and force a vote on impeaching President Biden.

On Wednesday, Boebert approached Greene over statements she made earlier in the day for critiquing her move to force an impeachment vote. Greene then accused Boebert of copying her own articles of impeachment against President Biden, which Greene had previously asked her to co-sponsor. (RELATED: GOP Congresswoman Moves To Force Biden Impeachment Vote)

At one point, Greene called Boebert a “little bitch” according to reports from left-leaning publication The Daily Beast.

Greene confirmed the exchange, later telling reporters that the Daily Beast’s story — including the name-calling — was “surprisingly accurate.”

Greene expanded on her frustration with Boebert while speaking to reporters at the Capitol.

“I have defended her when she’s been attacked. She and I have virtually the same voting record. We’re both members of the House Freedom Caucus. We should be natural allies,” Greene said. “But for some reason, she has a great skill and talent for making most people here not like her. And so, it’s her issue.”

Greene said she supported Boebert’s impeachment articles because she also wants to impeach Biden, but she critiqued her approach. Boebert’s move to force a vote caught many of her colleagues by surprise.

“She didn’t talk to anyone about it. She didn’t come to the conference [meeting]. She didn’t address it with anybody. She copied my articles of impeachment, refused to cosponsor mine,” Greene said.


  1. Of course Biden needs to be impeached. BUt McCarthy says they need more time rather than hurrying thru this. He may have a point, but this also needs to happen.

  2. Hey, MTG…….

    When your opponent is as popular as you……..

    It is wise to be a bit more diplomatic!

    Love you both.

  3. Sleepy Old Joe has to be impeached and placed in jail, and the entire dirty biden family needs to be investigated. The GOP has to work together to resolve this matter once and for all, including Boebert’s and Greene. This is not about winning a prize or becoming a hero. This is about defending America against socialist thugs. Call it the socialist mafia for now.

  4. MT Greene has lead the way to effective legislation for quite some time now. I really respect her work, however her choice of words to describe Boebert is out of place even in this case. To me Congressmen & women should maintain a high standard of conduct. Sen. Kennedy, LA. is an exellent example of one who has a grand command of the English language & never lowers himself the the standard of others. I believe MT Greene could have quite a good future if she followed his example.

  5. MTG needs to explain why she voted WITH the Democrats instead of standing ground w/the few BRAVE Republicans. She wanted McCarthy too and now he’s pulling the “rhino” act like they always do. MTG has 2 faces and if I were Bobert I would have slapped both of them for calling me that!!


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