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Trump Gives DeSantis Insulting New Nickname as 2024 Anticipation Builds

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Even before the midterm elections have concluded former President Donald Trump is already drawing a line in the sand.

As speculation builds that Trump is gearing up to formally announce his third presidential campaign this month the former president is wasting no time crushing his potential opponents, first singling out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. (READ NEXT: Kellyanne Conway Drops Major Hint on Trump’s Impending 2024 Announcement)

During a Pennsylvania rally, Trump awarded DeSantis a new nickname, “Ron DeSanctimonious”- one he’s likely not thrilled to receive.

“We’re winning big in the Republican Party for the nomination like nobody’s ever seen before,” Trump told the crowd before listing other Republicans who could potentially challenge him in 2024.

“There it is, Trump at 71 percent, Ron DeSanctimonious at 10%,” Trump told the crowd while reading approval numbers of various Republicans.

Trump and DeSantis are widely considered to be the top contenders to receive the Republican 2024 nomination but it seems Trump is not ready to waste any time. DeSantis has maintained his sole focus on winning his gubernatorial re-election and has insisted he’s not considering a presidential run.

There have also been reports of building tension between Trump and DeSantis camps for months as the former president has sought to squash any potential edge DeSantis may have in 2024. (READ NEXT: Trump Snubs DeSantis in Latest Campaign Stop Announcement)

However, Trump’s nasty new nickname triggered some Republicans to come out of the woodwork and seemingly take sides.

Surprisingly, Mike Pompeo who served as Trump’s Secretary of State seemed to side with DeSantis.

“Not tired of winning. @GovRonDeSantis you’ve proven conservative policies work. Florida is better for it. Vote for @GovRonDeSantis,” Pompeo tweeted Saturday evening in an apparent dig at Trump.


  1. Dissing De Santis only makes him stronger. Trump knows this, and it is his backhanded way of helping De Santis. Though he won’t admit it yet.

  2. I think President Trump did good for the American people. DeSantis is doing brilliantly for the people of Florida. Dissing a good man like DeSantis is petty. Is Trump jealous of DeSantis? How undignified to take cheap shots at a good family man that works so hard for his State. If it came down to Israel owned Trump or DeSantis I know i’d pick DeSantis. DeSantis/Lake 2024!!!!!!

    • President Trump’s latest comment including an insulting nickname for DeDeSantis is unnecessary because both are held in high regard by the republicans.

  3. Trump’s motives are still a mystery to us. He is the master of distraction and loves to keep everyone engaged in speculation. While the world tries to unravel the meaning of his actions, he’s way ahead of his scheduled agenda. He doesn’t believe in wasting time or opportunities. And seldom acts on impulse. By using derogatory remarks, he’s laying the foundation for steering public attention in a specific direction. Nothing random withTrump.

  4. I am all for Trump, but he had better be careful with handling DeSantis – a great and strong Republican. Dissing and/or ridiculing him could lose Trump a lot of votes.

  5. WTF I’m getting sick of this chidish bs, knock it off. Fight the dam commie dumbocraps,and puppet,joe, not other repukes. Anymore of this crap, and I won’t vote, and u need people like me on your side. Independents win the election for whoever.Act your age, or I’m taking u off my christmas list, and voting dumbocrap,like hell.

    • If your so wish washy that you can switch sides that easy your beyond talking to or about throw away your vote it one vote from from a wushu washy person isn’t worth the breath to try and change his mind. Plenty of people to reason with key word “Reason”.

  6. Do we not have enough decisiveness? Do we have to start shooting inside the tent? Did not approve of this kind of rhetoric. Have supported & voted for Trump & will if he is my ONLY choice against the dems. Ron DeSantis is an excellent governor & I feel he would make a great president someday.

  7. I think we should stick together as Republicans and save the name calling for the Democrats. Our party is big enough for President Trump and Governor DeSantis and we need them both to be strong and not tear each other down. I was disappointed to hear about the name calling.

  8. We have been waiting for Trump to announce his return. We want him to run and put our country
    back togather. Mike Pompea does not fit wjat is needed/ Trump is our leader anad we want him

  9. No the republicans are afraid of Trump almost as the democratic communist party is because he found out just how they worked together to destroy America, as far as Trump and Desantis is concerned they need to get their Sh#t together and fix America to what she was and even better, the best Military, God loving Country, Honest, Honorable, Truthful, we were special till regan, clintons, obama bush, they were and still are out to take our Freedoms, the one world order, being paid by soros other billionaires, millionaires, to sabotage our country with this perverted freak garbage, not teaching our children about these country the Constitution as Written need taught every year from the 6th grade up every year, Trump is and was good for are country, Desantis wait and see, we don’t want a dictator, remember we’re these people come from all we need to vote for Constitutional Conservatives, not these people from other countries try to invade our government by deception aoc is one that never ever should be in any government job that includes garbage collectors


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