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Leaked Footage Shows Tucker Carlson Decimating Network’s Streaming Service

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Newly leaked footage from the set of Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation show revealed the former host trashing the network’s streaming platform.

The footage was leaked to watchdog group Media Matters and shows Carlson on the phone with an unidentified person while on the set of his Tucker Carlson Today program.

“I don’t want to be a slave to Fox Nation, which I don’t think that people watch anyway,” Carlson said on the call, which was on speaker phone. “We’re gonna — because, you know, I’m like a representative of the American media now, speaking to an exile in Romania and welcoming him back into the brotherhood of journalists.”

The back and forth appeared to pertain to Carlson’s wardrobe for the interview.

“Yeah. It would help us out if you wore a sweater though, because we asked him not to wear a suit,” an unidentified voice said on the call. “Like he was panicking about it and we said, ‘You don’t have to. Tucker’s gonna be looking casual. That’s just how our show looks.’ Is that okay?”

“I mean, this is airing on the nighttime show, and I want it to look official. I don’t want it to be like bro talk. You know what I mean?” Carlson said.

The unknown speaker on the phone insisted that if the interview went over 45 minutes, it would be uploaded to air on Fox Nation.

“But nobody’s gonna watch it on Fox Nation. Nobody watches Fox Nation because the site sucks. So I’d really like to just put the — dump the whole thing on YouTube,” Carlson said. “But anyway, that’s just my view. I’m just frustrated with — it’s hard to use that site. I don’t know why they’re not fixing it. It’s driving me insane. And they’re like making like Lifetime movies, but they don’t work on the infrastructure of the site. Like what? It’s crazy. And it drives me crazy cause it’s like we’re doing all this extra work and no one can find it.”

“It’s unbelievable, actually. I don’t know who runs that site,” Carlson said exasperated.

Fox Nation produces a variety of shows with talent including Fox News stars as well as Nancy Grace, Roseanne Barr, and actor Kevin Costner.

When Carlson signed his new contract with Fox in 2021, he expanded his presence on Fox Nation with documentaries and a flagship show, Tucker Carlson Today.

Nearly two weeks ago, Carlson was suddenly ousted from the network.

Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence After Fox News Exit

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Tucker Carlson posted a cryptic video message to his Twitter profile late Wednesday evening in his first public comments since his shocking departure from Fox News.

During the just over two-minute message, Carlson said he had realized after “stepping outside the noise for a few days” how many “genuinely nice people there are in this country.”

“The other thing you notice when you take a little time off is how unbelievably stupid most of the debates on television are,” he continued. “They’re completely irrelevant. They mean nothing. In five years, we won’t even remember we had them. Trust me as someone who has participated in them.”

“Both political parties and their donors have reached consensus on what benefits them and they actively collude to shut down any conversation about it,” Carlson said in his video message. “When honest people say what’s true, calmly and without embarrassment, they become powerful. At the same time, the liars who have been trying to silence them shrink. They become weaker. That’s the iron law of the universe.”

Carlson ended his message by suggesting that his audience, which often topped more than 3 million people each weeknight while at Fox, would soon hear from him again.

Carlson ended his message by suggesting that his audience, which often topped more than 3 million people each weeknight while at Fox, would soon hear from him again.

“Where can you still find Americans saying true things there aren’t many places left but there are some, and that’s enough,” Carlson said. “As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.”

Former Fox News Host Calls Tucker’s Ouster ‘Suicide’ for Network

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Former Fox News host Glenn Beck slammed the network over its shocking decision to part ways with primetime pundit Tucker Carlson.

On Monday, the network announced Carlson’s departure from the network, sharing that his final program was aired last Friday. The timing of the Fox News icon’s sudden departure comes nearly one week after the network agreed to pay a nearly $800 million settlement to Dominion Voting Systems. (RELATED: Fox News Reaches Last-Minute Settlement With Dominion Voting Systems)

The network did not provide further comment on the host’s departure beyond a statement thanking him for his contributions to the network.

Beck criticized the network over the controversial announcement, saying the move was effectively “suicide” for the network.

“Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News. Now, I don’t know what that means. You know, we’re in wild speculation territory,” Beck said on his BlazeTV program, noting the timing following Fox’s nearly $800 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems last week.

“You know, could be that he was fired because of, you know, they just paid out, you know, almost a billion dollars and they don’t want any chance of anything, but that’s suicidal. To me, this is a suicidal move for Fox,” he said. “If it’s their move.”

Before the launch of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson was co-host of “FOX & Friends Weekend” from 2012 through 2016. 

Carlson previously served as an MSNBC host from 2005-2008 and also appeared on CNN earlier in his career. He founded The Daily Caller in 2010 but sold his stake in the political news website in 2020. 

Beck left his gig hosting a Fox show in 2011. He recently appeared on Carlson’s program to discuss former President Trump’s surrender to authorities in New York after an indictment by a grand jury. (RELATED: Trump Indictment Unsealed)

A number of conservative commentators have criticized the news of Carlson’s sudden ouster.

Donald Trump also noted his surprise by the sudden change at Fox News

“Well, I’m shocked. I’m surprised” Trump told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly. “He’s a very good person and a very good man, and very talented as you know. And he had very high ratings. So, we’re just learning about it almost as we speak. You and I just said, “Wow, that was something, that’s a big one.” I don’t know if it was voluntary, or was it, somebody fired? But I think Tucker’s been terrific. He’s been – especially over the last year or so – he’s been terrific to me.”

Trump To Return To New York For $250M Lawsuit One Week After Bombshell Arraignment


Donald Trump is heading back to the Big Apple.

Nearly one week after Trump was charged with 34 felony counts in part of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation into alleged hush money payments the third-time White House contender is to return to New York to be deposed in a $250 million civil suit brought by state Attorney General Letitia James (D). 

“This case is complex, but it is not complicated,” Judge Arthur Engoron said last month of the civil suit. “Essentially, it all boils down to whether (Trump’s) statements of financial interest are true or false.”

AG James claims Trump and others at his Trump Organization deceived lenders and insurance companies by inflating the value of his assets in order to get loans for his real estate and resort business, then undervaluing them for tax purposes. James is seeking to recover more than $250 million in “ill-gotten gains” and to bar the Trumps from doing business in New York. Engoron has set a trial date of October 2.

James campaigned on a pledge to prosecute Trump, who she once called an “illegitimate president.” Trump has called James, who is black, a “racist in reverse.”

 “I will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president,” James said in a 2018 video during her successful campaign to be attorney general. “I believe that this president is incompetent. I believe that this president is ill-equipped to serve in the highest office of this land. And I believe that he is an embarrassment to all that we stand for.”

On April 5, the New York grand jury voted to indict former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in a hush money bribe to adult film star Stormy Daniels amid the 2016 presidential election in DA Alvin Bragg’s yearslong investigation into the real estate mogul.

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York opted out of charging Trump related to the Daniels payment in 2019. The Federal Election Commission also tossed its investigation into the matter in 2021.

On Tuesday, the former President surrendered to the Manhattan Criminal Court for his arraignment

Report: Trump Indictment Unsealed!

Gage Skidmore Flickr

The charges against former President Donald Trump have been revealed after he was arraigned on Tuesday.

The indictment against the former president, People of the State of New York against Donald J. Trump, Indictment No. 71543-23, has been unsealed. Trump faces 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. 

Read the indictment below:

The charges come one day after Trump arrived in New York for the criminal proceedings.

Last Thursday, the New York grand jury voted to indict former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in a hush money bribe to adult film star Stormy Daniels amid the 2016 presidential election in DA Alvin Bragg’s yearslong investigation into the real estate mogul.

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York opted out of charging Trump related to the Daniels payment in 2019. The Federal Election Commission also tossed its investigation into the matter in 2021.

On Tuesday, the former President surrendered to the Manhattan Criminal Court for his arraignment

“Heading to Lower Manhattan, the Courthouse,” he said on Truth Social as he made his way from Trump Tower to the courtroom.

“Seems so SURREAL — WOW, they are going to ARREST ME,” he said. “Can’t believe this is happening in America. MAGA!”

Trump was processed and then escorted to Justice Juan Merchan’s courtroom for the arraignment proceedings. Trump was not handcuffed, as some are during an arraignment, and did not have a mugshot taken. Detectives handled the arrest of the former president. However, the arraignment has been surrounded by a media firestorm after Trump became the first president to be indicted.

At least two helicopters hovered over the courthouse and the adjacent public park as protestors gathered. Dueling chants of “USA!” and “lock him up!” were fired back and forth between crowds of pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators assembled in the public square across the street from the courtroom.

Trump pleaded not guilty to the charges and has called on District Attorney Alvin Bragg to be indicted himself over his handling of the case, claiming the DA “illegally leaked” details of Trump’s case.

“Wow! District Attorney Bragg just illegally LEAKED the various points, and complete information, on the pathetic Indictment against me,” Trump wrote on Truth Social Tuesday. “I know the reporter and so, unfortunately, does he. This means that he MUST BE IMMEDIATELY INDICTED. Now, if he wants to really clean up his reputation, he will do the honorable thing and, as District Attorney, INDICT HIMSELF.”

Numerous conservatives have publicly tweeted their support of Trump.

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‘I Love Trump’ Tucker Carlson Addresses Private Text Fiasco

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Tucker Carlson is clearing the air after his private text messages revealed his hidden hatred for former President Donald Trump.

The Fox News star tried to walk back his private remarks about Trump during an appearance on WABC radio.

“And I think this is in the text, and those were all grabbed completely illegitimately, in my opinion, in this court case, which I guess I’m not allowed to talk about, but I’m enraged that my private texts were pulled,” he said.

The Fox News host said those texts were pulled at a moment when he was texting with one of his producers because “some idiot on the Trump campaign had sent us the name of these dead voters who had voted,” referring to his false reporting after the 2020 election that echoed the Trump campaign’s unfounded claims of dead people who were fraudulently counted as voting in Georgia. After Carlson’s segment aired, a local Georgia news outlet debunked his claim, finding that two of the allegedly dead voters were alive and legally registered to vote, with CNN reporting days later that a third of the supposedly dead voters was also still living.

“And we went and I repeated them on air, and it turns out some of them were alive,” Carlson said, referring to the campaign’s accusation. “So I was just — I felt humiliated.”

Earlier this month, Carlson’s along with other prominent Fox News officials’ private text messages were revealed in court documents as part of a $1.6 billion Dominion Voting Systems defamation suit against the network.

During a Jan. 4, 2021 text conversation with an unknown producer, Carlson sounded off on the former president.

The prime-time star wrote, “We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights.”

The unknown staffer reportedly speculated that they believed the madness would cool down by “mid-February.”

“I hate him passionately,” Carlson replied. “I blew up at [former Trump official] Peter Navarro today in frustration. I actually like Peter. But I can’t handle much more of this.”

Florida Governor Breaks Silence on Potential Trump Arrest


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is finally addressing former President Donald Trump’s remarks over the weekend that Manhattan prosecutors plan to arrest him on Tuesday.

During an event Monday, DeSantis slammed George Soros-backed prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s highly politicized yearslong witchhunt into the former president.

“I’ve seen rumors swirl. I have not seen any facts yet, and so I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said DeSantis, a likely 2024 Republican presidential hopeful. “But I do know this: The Manhattan district attorney is a Soros-funded prosecutor and so he, like other Soros-funded prosecutors, they weaponize their office to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety.”

“But what I can speak to is if you have a prosecutor, who is ignoring crimes happening every single day in his jurisdiction, and he chooses to go back many, many years ago to try to use something about porn star hush-money payments, that’s an example of pursuing a political agenda and weaponizing the office,” he said.

DeSantis also noted that his office would not be involved in the case “in any way,” signaling that he has no plans to help Trump fight extradition to New York should he face charges.

Prosecutors are expected to charge Trump with a felony by arguing that the alleged crime was committed to hide an illegal campaign contribution. The potential problem for Trump centers around how his company reimbursed former attorney Michael Cohen, who pleaded guilty to related charges and served time in prison.

The payment to Daniels was listed as a legal expense and Trump’s company cited a retainer agreement with Cohen. The retainer agreement did not exist and the reimbursement was not related to any legal services from Cohen, thus setting up a potential misdemeanor criminal charge of falsifying business records. A report by NBC News said that Trump personally signed several of the checks to Cohen while he was serving as president.

Prosecutors can elevate the misdemeanor to a felony if they can prove that Trump’s “‘intent to defraud’ included an intent to commit or conceal a second crime.”

Prosecutors argue that the second crime is that the $130,000 hush payment was an improper donation to the Trump campaign because the money was used to stop a story for the purpose of benefiting his presidential campaign.

Mitch McConnell’s Office Provides Update Following Hospitalization

Mitch McConnell via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) office is releasing more details on the senior’s sudden hospital visit.

The 81-year-old Senator fell at a dinner event on Wednesday evening at the Waldorf Astoria for the Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC closely affiliated with the leader. He is being treated for a concussion and will stay in the hospital for the next few days for treatment and observation, according to reports from The Hill.

“Leader McConnell tripped at a dinner event Wednesday evening and has been admitted to the hospital and is being treated for a concussion. He is expected to remain in the hospital for a few days of observation and treatment,” his office announced Thursday, breaking hours of silence after revealing Wednesday evening that the GOP leader had tripped and injured himself at a local hotel.  

“The Leader is grateful to the medical professionals for their care and to his colleagues for their warm wishes,” McConnell’s office said.

McConnell won election to a seventh term in 2020 and is next up for reelection in 2026.  

Critics of the senior lawmaker wasted no time before offering their distasteful remarks.

However, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer offered prayers for McConnell and his family in his opening remarks on Thursday. Sen. Schumer said he spoke with the Republican Senator Thursday morning and wished him a full and speedy recovery.

Controversial conservative influencer Laura Loomer offered her own crass remarks on Twitter.

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DeSantis Receives Unexpected Rescue After Being Called ‘Racist’


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received an unexpected rescue after being called a racist.

Black leaders in Miami apologized to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis after one of its members called him a racist last week, according to reports from Fox News.

Pierre Rutledge, chair of the Miami-Dade Black Affairs Advisory Board, issued a statement on behalf of his board that apologized to DeSantis for a comment made at their Wednesday meeting from a member who said, “Our governor is racist.”

“We take it to heart when someone uses the term racist,” Rutledge said Friday. “Words matter. And so as chair, I must start by saying we want to pull that back. There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘we’re sorry.’ That’s not what we intended to say or be depicted by anyone. And that’s not the feeling of this board.”

The member labeled DeSantis a racist due to the ongoing controversy of an African-American history Advanced Placement course. Earlier this year, Gov. DeSantis rejected the course because he claimed the content did not focus on Black history, instead, the course contained Black Lives Matter and queer issues. 

DeSantis has defended the decision from his Department of Education to remove the African-American history course, which he said pushes a political agenda.

“This course on Black history, what’s one of the lessons about? Queer theory,” DeSantis said. “Now, who would say that an important part of Black history is queer theory? That is somebody pushing an agenda.”

Black leaders and Democrats in Florida have pledged to defend and keep the course in schools.

The College Board removed aspects of the course last Wednesday opposed by DeSantis. The course will be reevaluated by the Florida Department of Education to determine if it is appropriate for schools.

Boebert Says She Won’t Support McCarthy Speaker Bid Without This

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is on the fence about supporting Kevin McCarthy but one condition could push her over the edge.

Boebert, who recently won a razor-thin re-election bid, says that she will only support the California Republican if there is a mechanism to easily remove him from the top post.

According to The Hill, while at a Turning Point USA conference in Phoenix, Boebert said, “We have to have an accountability mechanism on the Speaker of the House.”

“This is third in command for the presidency of the United States of American,” she said in an interview with “Real America’s Voice,” a conservative channel. “And we are going to strip away the one check-and-balance that members of Congress have?”

Some House Republicans have expressed the desire for any lawmaker to call a motion to vacate the Speaker chair to make it easier to remove someone from the leadership post.

Earlier this month, House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Scott Perry along with six other Republicans released a list of conditions for the next Speaker.

The requests in the letter include:

  • Restore any member’s ability to make a “Motion to Vacate the Chair” and force a vote on removing the Speaker. Former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a founding Freedom Caucus member, helped propel former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) toward retirement by making a motion to vacate the chair in 2015.
  • Require at least 72 hours from release of final bill text before it gets a vote on the House floor.
  • Bar House GOP leadership and leadership-affiliated PACs from getting involved in primaries. The McCarthy-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund was active in many House primaries boosting McCarthy-friendly candidates in the 2022 cycle.
  • Increase the number of Freedom Caucus members in committee chairmanships and on the House Rules Committee.
  • Decline to raise debt ceiling without a plan to cap spending and balance the federal budget in 10 years.
  • Do not “return to the blind embrace of earmarks.” The practice of directing federal spending to a specific recipient or project was brought back in this Congress as “community project funding” after a decadelong ban. The House Republican Conference last month overwhelmingly voted against an internal proposal to ban the practice.
  • Use “must-pass” bills like the annual defense authorization bill and the farm bill as leverage to secure conservative priorities and “check the Biden administration.”
  • Create a “Church Committee”-style panel to target “weaponized government.” While McCarthy and House Republicans have promised extensive investigations into the Biden administration and alleged politicization of federal agencies, some, like Roy, think the plans do not go far enough.

“Negotiations after that are just a wish list,” she said. “There’s no accountability attached to the promises.”